Just like the rest of us, older people want to enjoy good health and remain independent for as long as possible. As people get older remaining independent often depends on health and social care service being effective enough to support them. Elderly people are the users of health and social care services but sometimes services have not adequately addressed needs. The core objective of the program is to make sure that all elderly people and their care takers are always treated with respect, dignity and fairness. The Building offers a sublime infrastructure of bed and livings rooms, dormitories and activities area impeccably fit to cater to the needs of elderly people. The design of the premises was conceived after visiting and assessing facilities and arrangements of several similar institutions in order to make it appropriate living space for the inmates.

Housing With Care:

Aaghosh Home provide complete housing services day and night. It is not the center for working people. It is a place for marginalized and abandon Senior Citizens and they have a liberty to enjoy as they wish for.

Health Care:

Older people have many degenerative diseases to deal with such as arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart failure, strokes. Along with all the physical pain and debilitating illness, they need daily medical checkup and medication which keep them save from the aforementioned diseases. We have doctors and nurses who are well trained and professional to deal with any medical urgency.

Physio Therapy & Rehabilitation:

As the elderly people go in the life later stages their physical frailty increases and the body doesn’t respond accordingly. To keep them robust they need daily gentle exercises and gym for fitness. Aaghosh Home has a fully equipped Physical therapy and rehabilitation unit to meet the needs of inmates.

Stay Healthy:

Knowing that good nutritious meal keeps elderly people always healthy. A proper diet reduces the risk of degenerative diseases, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and control diabetes. A well dietary schedule is maintained with the consent of Dietitians and nutritionists to serve best nutritious meal to the elderly people.

In House Counseling:

Elderly people are often neglected, and don’t really have a chance to say how they are feeling, or what has gone on for them during their lives. Counseling is the best way out of better understanding of the inmate’s rehabilitation process. It gives them a chance to express fully and it makes them a part of the house. Most of the time they come back from their loneliness and respond with others.