About Us

Aaghosh Trust has been providing its uncountable services with the great passion of humanity from 18 years. Aaghosh started its pronounced mission in 2003, it was the institution who prior to all helped special children/persons in getting their respectable place in the society, because it is the fact that special child do not get attention in the society which they deserve. Other than that, when special child born in any family they face lots of issues and problems, majority of them are created by our society and lack of facilitation provided by our government sector. Aaghosh took this essential responsibility to have disable/handicapped persons got their deserved rights in the society at the time even when there were no significant institutions available for their education or either training. Our goal was to create awareness in the societies that there should be special institutions for disable persons like normal children schools where they get all the necessary needs to be fulfilled. If you observed in now days, special children schools and training centers are doubtless proof that Aaghosh has really helped handicapped persons in getting their legal rights in the society. Moreover, it has not only empathized with their needs but fulfilled them.

With corrective education and vocational training, Aaghosh has made these handicapped children capable to the level where they can stand on their own feet and now can earn by themselves. We have also arranged exhibitions in different hotels, seminars even in expo center to show people that if we provide the required attention and facility to these disabled persons, so they can perform better and can be able to earn by themselves instead of begging. The purpose behind this was to realize that handicapped persons are not useless. They can be a productive for our society if we fulfill their needs.

Aaghosh Home has been setup with the aim of providing shelter, hygienic food, medical assistance and home like environment with peace of mind to those unassisted handicapped and senior women who do not have anyone to take care. Many of them are those old women old widow mothers who lost their son and the only bread earner in some incident. Women adduced in Aaghosh home faced very difficulties, hurdles and mishaps in their lives, due to this most of them are mentally depressed and psychotic patient or mentally and physically handicapped. In Aaghosh Home these women get relieve with their worries of surviving in this harsh world alone specially in their old age and find them a new life with all basic needs. care and extra attention.

Purpose Of Developing Aaghosh Home

Handicapped persons facing many difficulties after the death of their parents. There is no one there to provide them care and to take their responsibility even not by their relatives, infect behavior is also not appropriate. This is the main reason for their mental illness and aggressiveness. Women of our society are also going through intense problems specially those who are old age, widow, handicap moreover where everyone is busy in their own life so even their own relatives leave them alone.

The life of these old age and disable women become worse and dependent on others after their care takers death. They are seeking for help and support but do not beg for help due to their self-respect or disability. They should be given more attention and should be helped by the society. Therefore, we developed Aaghosh home to support these helpless women who are ignored by society.

They get shelter with respect and dignity. Due to meager resources and lack of funds we are providing shelter to senior and handicapped females only. But we want to expand our domain towards male handicap person and old age males as well. This can only be possible with the cooperation and support of kind-hearted persons only.

Aims & Objectives

  • To serve abandoned, destitute and orphan disabled children with love and care and to enable them to live independent lives.
  • To create public awareness that how important is the respect of elder women.
  • To promote /publicize the primary need and objects of our program among the government, public sector and philanthropist.
  • To provide shelter / and home like environment to the unassisted senior citizen and handicapped person.
  • To develop a disabled friendly infra-structure and environment wherein abandoned children/persons with disability and vulnerable people can have access to every service and facility.
  • Developing education programs and support services for people with disability and with non-disabilities to ensure they have equality of opportunity within the community.
  • To awaken awareness in a society about disability and the importance of its acceptance.
  • To strive to make persons with disability part of mainstream society and to acquaint them about the assistive technology that can increase their productivity.
  • To conduct trainings, workshops and seminars to develop the capacity of people who are associated with persons with disability.
  • To strive at level best to create opportunities and events wherein they can interact and integrate with other communities.
  • To arrange for free vocational training and recreation for the needy special children and needy person.
  • To make Aaghosh a real mothers Aaghosh (A Mother’s Lap) for the needy ones.
  • To make special children confident educated mannered, useful and respected member of society.
  • Provide income generating skills to the handicapped children and to those women who are the only bread earner for their children.