Shagufta Saba founder and president of the Aaghosh Trust

I am Shagufta Saba founder and president of the Aaghosh Trust today I would like to convey a very important message to you and you are humbly requested to fully cooperate by regarding the message

Generally speaking Parents help in every aspect and step of life in fact parents are the most precious gift of GOD for humans as the life becomes a paradise with the existence of parents however the world seems to be thorn in the flesh of the children who are deprived of parents but unfortunately there are a few people who belittle the value of parents and sink so low deserting them and it is a great sin through the lens of Islam as HOLY PROPHET S.A.A.W says “One who displeases the parents, (it is as if) he has displeased ALLAH. One who angers both his parents (it is as if) he has angered ALLAH.”

Unfortunately in some family circle these days the dilemma the elders are confronted by is they are brushed aside especially in discussion, conversation and when it comes to decision making they are labeled to be conservatives and their ideas, suggestion and advice are met with scorn and what is worse is children have the audacity to defy their parents by putting a dent on their upbringing and the struggle they went thru while bringing their children up although parents are the ones who put their maximum in fulfilling their children needs regardless of how expensive they are. They put their children into expensive and state of the art schools. The wayward children must cherish their parents and avoid ALLAH’s wrath.

2012 is considered to be a very unfortunate year for Karachi as the city of lights was in the grip of terrorism and gangsterism many families lost their beloved ones as a result affectees became destitute. All things considered I made a firm decision to step up with a view and with unbridled passion of providing the deprived mothers and sisters with shelter who suffered at the hands of terrorism. Alhamdulillah aaghosh trust has been serving day and night with dedication with the aim of boosting and enhancing their quality of lives. I humbly request to all benevolent and considerate people to be a part of this noble cause by joining hands so that we may become a cause of their happiness and a shield most importantly to illuminate the lives of needy and deserving senior citizens with the lights of support.